Entrepreneurship Development

  • Entrepreneurship is a talent to form a clear approach towards a venture. It is an art of deploying available resources, appropriate know-how and capable manpower to steer the venture forward.
  • In this competitive era of globalisation, an entrepreneur faces a range of challenges like:
  • Expansion and/or diversification of the enterprise
  • Shrinking profit margins and ineffective revenue model
  • Differences of perspective with working partners/investors/owners
  • Shortfall of resources, such as capital investment
  • Identification, recruitment and retention of capable manpower
  • Standardisation and structuring of enterprise
  • Career planning for the next layer
  • Insufficient time for social affiliations

We have been charting roadmaps for enterprises to steer them to success.



  • Identification of a suitable venture for expansion and/or diversification
  • Funding for the existing or upcoming ventures
  • Building mutually rewarding tie-ups for optimum utilization of resources
  • Launch of products and/or services in national and international market
  • Branding and value-addition of products and/or services
  • Strategies to explore and avail better business opportunities
  • Restructuring enterprises through proper delegation of work
  • Professional systematisation for effective functioning
  • Grooming and enabling the next layer to run the enterprise