Institutional Services

  • The education sector is undergoing major upheaval today. The gap between academic knowledge and the industrial requirement is rapidly widening. This contributes to an increasing rate of unemployment, and at the same time, the requirement of skilled executive-workforce in the industry is increasing. Many students are misguided or led towards a career which does not suit their aptitude or interest.
  • We concentrate on filling these gaps through our domain expertise, researched inputs & insights, and our experience with various industrial clients. We believe in working holistically with different entities of an institution, including the ownership, management, faculty members and students.
  • By utilising tools such as workshops, seminars, projects and conferences, we have been ferrying institutions and students towards the shore of a rewarding career.

We engage with faculty members over

  • Current and future requirements of the industry
  • Past, ongoing and upcoming challenges
  • Expectations from graduating students of the institutions
  • Strategy for everyone to avail opportunities like live projects, consulting assignments, interface between industries and institutions, etc.


  • Timely identification of challenges to the development of students
  • Assisting faculty members in formulating strategies to counter these challenges
  • Insights to guide and train students as per the expectations of their prospective employers
  • Updated modules and inputs for specialised sectors and technology related requirements

We engage with students over:

  • Individual career counselling sessions and guidance to students
  • Assessment from an industrial point of view
  • Sessions and trainings for specific and multiple industries
  • Development of entrepreneurial acumen
  • Mock interviews


  • Orientation towards a successful career path based on aptitude and interest
  • Utilisation of available resources efficiently to avail opportunities
  • Personality development through skill-set training in communication, language, documentation, technology, etc.
  • Opportunities to students for direct integration with industry