• In today’s competitive scenario, the dynamic individuals with an entrepreneurial attitude constantly effort for expansion or diversification of their business. But in this age of cut-throat competition, identification and establishment of a startups throws a big challenge to an entrepreneur. While looking after the previous business activities as well, the situation appears to be more critical. Our services cater to the following requirements of the clients:
  • Expansion and/or diversification of business activities
  • Career planning for the next generation
  • Business models for utilization of land & space, infrastructure, technical expertise, funds etc.


  • Some challenges and problems faced by an entrepreneur while starting a startups are:
  • Evaluation of different upcoming opportunities
  • Difference of opinion and disparity in wavelength among owners/ investors/ working partners
  • Shifting of priorities with the circumstances
  • Lack of required investment and other resources and proper financial management
  • Identification, recruitment and retention of capable manpower
  • Standardization and structuring of business
  • Launching of the products/services with value addition
  • Business development, marketing and sales
  • Business promotions, branding and advertisement
  • Insufficient time for the family and other social responsibilities due to long working hours
  • An efficient and flawless strategy helps an entrepreneur to explore extraordinary opportunities, manage & sustain growth and maximize revenue. If you are the one looking forward to make your startups successful, we will be pleased to assist you through our services addressing your specific requirement.

What We Can Do For You

  • We believes in providing effective solutions which are easy to implement and customized to fit-in the exact need of the clients and their respective businesses. To realize these ends, our domain experts share practically tested inputs and research-based insights, duly supported by the authentic case studies. When the clients approach us to start a startups, we help them focus its various aspects. It plays important role in formulating the right strategy to launch the proposed venture as per standard parameters rather than the gut feeling or assumptions of any individual(s).


  • Selection of a suitable venture
  • Focus the vision and mission and forming a crystallized approach for the startups
  • Getting aware of the growth prospects and the hidden challenges of various potential business activities
  • Estimations of potential expenditures like remuneration and salaries, recurring expenses, revenue targets etc.
  • Arranging the required investment and its proper management
  • Recruitment of capable manpower, their proper grooming and retention as well
  • Technical expertise and managing techniques
  • Building mutually rewarding associations and tie-ups for optimum utilization of resources
  • Launching of the products/services with value addition to other businesses
  • Strategies to explore the big business opportunities and to avail them
  • Professional work-culture and real ownership
  • Grooming of next generation and equipping them to run their enterprises even more capably and professionally
  • Our approach is to make the clients independent rather than keep them dependent on us forever. We build their capabilities and leadership skills at every level and every opportunity. We encourage them to fully participate in the process, so that they may lead the work after we have left.
  • With us you are sure to carve out a successful roadmap for your startups.