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Management & Administration, Solutions & Services (MASS) is a strategic management consultancy firm, helping clients to realise and accomplish their true potential by combining research, services and domain expertise.

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Career Line Institute of Multiple Businesses (CLIMB) is a management consultancy firm providing planning and implementation support through which our clients and their organisations can maximise their potential.

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MASS CLIMB is a joint initiative, working with the organised as well as the unorganised sector to provide turn-key solutions.

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Our Expertise

Combining Research, Services, Domain Expertise, Opportunities, Optimum Utilisation of Resources etc.

Planning & Handling of Business, Process, Financial, Management, Quality-control, Marketing & Sales, Recession...

Developing the Leaders, Integrating Resources, Learning Management Tools, Empowering Individual Talent

Business Planning, Maximising Potential, Identifying Challenges, Expertise Training, Nurturing Abilities, Process Re-modelling

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