Interactive Sessions and/or Workshops

We conduct a series of interactive sessions and/or workshops by our experts and associates to develop skill sets of various stakeholders by working on their positive qualities. The themes for these sessions are carefully derived mutually with the institution.

  • Certified Research Tools for Learning Management (LMTs)

We administer certified research tools for Learning Management, for mapping, analysing and/or reviewing the development of competencies of the students as well as the instructors.

  • Advisory

We take a top-down approach to provide advisory services to the Head of the Institution, designated faculty members and student-leaders, through team meetings, brain-storming and/or review sessions for organising academic events aimed at providing quality experience to their attendees.

  • Implementation Support

We provide Implementation and/or Execution-based Support to ensure optimum efficiency, effective delivery of results and future sustainability of projects.

  • Other Value-Added Services

Tie-ups for:

  • Mutually developing innovative Impact or Learning Management Tools
  • Planning and executing other social, developmental or entrepreneurial projects
  • Successfully securing tie-ups with relevant international or national organisations working in the developmental or education sector
  • Successfully securing tie-ups with the Industry
  • Collaboration to develop an Industry-Institution Interface
  • Identifying and suggesting potential national or international Collaborations
  • Recommending Social and Developmental Projects
  • Strategic partnership for pedagogical input exchange, network sharing