Management & Administration Solutions & Services (MASS)

Management & Administration, Solutions & Services (MASS) is a strategic management consultancy firm, helping clients to realise and accomplish their true potential by combining research, services and domain expertise.

Founded on the ideology of giving, our aim is to nurture a foresight that helps in evolution of ethical and profitable practices to avail opportunities and pre-empt impending obstacles. We assess all available resources to provide pathways for their optimum utilisation. Our reliable expertise is based on an ongoing extensive independent strategic research & study of 8050+ entities in diversified sectors and a track-record of serving 30000+ (students, faculty members, employers and employees) of different streams and 1875+ clients (individuals and entities) have equipped us to handle a range of projects globally.

Our focus has been on bridging the gaps between ‘Availability & Requirement’, ‘Industries & Institutions’, ’Ownership & Management’, ‘Financial Partner & Working Partner’, ‘Employers & Employees’, ‘Faculty Members & Students’, ‘Parents & Children’, ‘Talent & Opportunity’ with an aim to bring closer the national and/or international people, ventures, business groups, partners and resources. We are creating a complementarity amongst them by mentoring of the leadership.